Basics on Closing Disclosures for Homebuyers

As anyone who has been through the homebuying process can tell you, there are several important documents that are typically involved. One of the single most vital, and one that all homebuyers will deal with eventually, is known as the closing disclosure. At Supreme...

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Most common reasons homeowners refinance their mortgages

What are some of the most common reasons homeowners refinance their mortgages? Here are several to consider. Looking at homeownership as an investment, there are several types of situations when refinancing might provide financial benefits to a homeowner. It’s...

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What is an appraisal?

What is an appraisal, and why is it a vital step in the homebuying process? Here’s an overview, including how appraisals impact mortgages. There are several important steps involved in the homebuying process, and an independent confirmation of the property's value is...

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